Blah Blah Blog

I never thought I was clever enough to write a blog. I may not be…

But I suppose it’s a must for writers! So this is my blah blah blog-a-log-a-dig-dog.

So you’ve found your way to my site? Thank goodness! All of my hours slaving away at my laptop trying to figure out how to set up a site and blog has paid off! Now what can you do from here?

Check out the menu above:

  • About Amy is an all about me bio section, where you can stalk away at yours truly.
  • Reminiscence is my first novel and Book One of the Statera Saga. A good place to start. Contact me if you’d like information on becoming a beta reader!
  • Quintessence is my second novel. You guessed it! Book Two : Statera Saga. It’s currently in the works. Almost complete!
  • Contact me is pretty self explanatory. Only use it if you absolutely must, at all costs, because our lives depend on it, immediately want to get ahold of me. Or you just want to say hi.

So that’s the gist of my Author Page.  Thanks for stopping by!


*Author’s Note*

In all seriousness, I genuinely appreciate any support, feedback, comments, or just the fact that you stopped by this page. Thank you very much!


Amy Marie

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