So… one of my faults (and I have a few) is neglecting to keep up good communications. I hate talking on the phone (I talk to planes at work all day), and so I’m terrible about remembering to call my friends, family, loved ones. So thank goodness I’ve got some real low-maintenance keepers in that area of my life, because they never blame me for not keeping up with communicating like I should. In the same aspect… I’m having similar trouble blogging. Now, I doubt at this point anyone cares to read, but eventually I hope that will change.

AND THAT BRINGS ME TO THIS POST! I’m going to try harder. Even if it’s complete nonsense, I’m setting a goal to try to blog at least once a week. (disclaimer: I’m calling mulligans on weeks that I have to work overtime in my big girl job.) But here goes:

Ta da!

So for this week, I’m happy to announce that I’ve been working on some book ads for the Statera Saga. And I’ve also brainstormed another idea for a separate young adult novel. It’s been quite a while since I’ve worked on the writing stuff… but a good winter in Idaho can be inspiring when you don’t want to leave the house because it’s below zero degrees out. Yes… THAT’S RIGHT! BELOW ZERO!


Now that I have have some ad designs cooked up, I’ve set a timeline goal for when I’d like to release my books. Shooting for Spring 2017 for Reminiscence. Fall 2017 for Quintessence. And to be determined in 2018 for Providence. In bright and cheerful hope for a release celebration, I’ve sent out for some door prizes in the form of buttons, magnets, bookmarks, and such. I have to admit, all of it has really got me pumped up for the books. I feel so accomplished!

So to leave a nice cliffhanger right here, I’ll go ahead and promise to post the first book ad next week. STAY TUNED!!!



Until then…


Have a good one 😉

~Amy Marie



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