I gave myself a deadline, and now I’m freaking out! How am I going to prepare for this? Do I have what it takes to self-publish? Can I meet my weekly goals of advertising and networking? Can I get the paperback option ready in time?

I guess I should’ve asked myself these questions before I put the book up. But the truth is, the deadline motivates me. And the answer is yes, I can do all of that as long as I keep working. (hopefully!)

I’m definitely a little scatter-brained these days moving from project to project. UGH! And the distractions! It’s too easy to… squirrel! 😀

Honestly, I never knew everything that was involved with publishing a book, I thought writing was the hardest part. Turns out it was one of the easiest! Editing, hard. Promoting, hard. Selling, really hard. I kind of wish I had found a publisher, but I know all of these things would still fall back on me even if I had one. The truth is, I don’t want the money. I have a great job and luckily, I’m more than comfortable. I may want a little bit of the fame (vanity), but more than that, I just want the story told. I really love it. I’ve never been so passionate about anything because I was always so self-conscious in life. But now that I’m in my 30’s (yes, I know it’s sad but true) I’ve learned that I don’t really care what people think, and I’m going to be happy doing whatever it is I want to do.


Now if I can only learn how to sing and make it to Broadway, my life will be complete!

Until next week,

~Amy Marie

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