2 months away!

February is here!

And now I’m coming up on only 2 months away from publishing my first book!

Today, I had to register Reminiscence with the US Copyright office. And now my next duty is to format the story for a paperback! Who knew there was this much work involved in self-publishing? Sometimes I wish I would’ve had the patience to wait for an agent or publisher… but I know I can do this myself too. And who knows, the book can still be picked up after self-publishing! I’m keeping a positive attitude, because 1) This story is kind of amazing and 2) I’ve never been more excited about anything I’ve accomplished (And I’ve done a lot over the last few years!)

I’ve got so much possibility right now, not only with the book, but my day-job career, too! A lot of changes coming up here shortly! And I chose to publish right in the middle of it all 🙂


Can’t stop me now!


~Amy Marie

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