I’ve had that song in my head since we’ve gotten within the 1 month mark. I can’t believe my first book will be published in less than a month! When I picked the release date, today  3/8 was my other option, but I’m grateful for the extra time for the perfectionist in me.

I’ve finished my last rounds of touch-ups and editing, covers are double and triple checked. My special edition hardcovers are ready for order so I can have some giveaways with the release. Now, all I have to do is start opening some new avenues of advertising.

My neighbor lady just finished reading one of my proof copies, and I was nervous wondering if she’d like it, or if it was too young and “fantasy” for her (she’s in her late 70’s). She called me today and left me a message thanking me for letting her read it because she’s so excited and loved it. That really warmed my heart. I really hope this series hits home for all ages.

I’ve struggled in finding a way to explain what Reminiscence is “about”, there’s so much of a mixture of everything in it: history, romance, mystery, metaphysics, fantasy. It isn’t just one thing, it really is a balance and that’s pretty much the theme: Balance.


And what a great lesson I’ve learned myself through this story ❤

Happy Wednesday!


~Amy Marie

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