I hope the rainbow was a good sign.

Tomorrow I turn 33. I’ve successfully completely my goal to publish my first book by my 33rd birthday. All sunshine and rainbows? No, probably sunshine and rainbows with a little rainclouds mixed in. It hasn’t been easy. But it’s been worth it. I’ve never felt better about my prospects because of this adventure. I wouldn’t change a thing that brought me to where I am today. This is where I’m supposed to be. Metaphorically of course, not physically. I can’t wait to get out of my current job contract so I can move closer to home in Ohio, but that’s coming up soon too!

So yeah… I guess it was a good sign ❤

AND don’t forget, for my birthday, I’m giving away FREE downloads of my book Reminiscence on Kindle:


Celebrate with me? 

~Amy Marie

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