Less than 2 months!

Quintessence will be released in less than two months!

I can’t believe it! It’s almost here already and I’m not nearly as prepared as I was for my first book, Reminiscence. It sort of snuck up on me! The good news is, I really think book two is much more exciting than book one in the manner that book one had a lot of explanation; Quintessence has action. I’m excited for the release.

I’m deciding exactly what to do for the release party. I’m thinking an online release like last time is the way to go, but I need to spruce it up this time. So I’ll have more info on that soon. I’m trying to rustle up a few giveaways leading up to it, and and in the process of ad-making.

I had a few personal hiccups last week, and am currently waiting on big news for my day job that will be changing everything within the next month or two as well. So the more I can get done early, the better! Stay tuned for what’s next as we wait for book two!!! 🙂

~Amy Marie

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