A worthy distraction

So I have a big book release coming up shortly, but the problem is there’s a pretty big distraction going on right now! One word…


I’m a sucker for fall ball, and this winning game streak has me going crazy! And it’s not even the playoffs yet!!! (Though we just clinched our spot yesterday!)


Rollllllllllllllllllllll Tribe!


This has turned into baseball history. I can’t believe what I’m getting to witness here. And it’s just as I FINALLY got to move home to Ohio. If I could pause things right now, I would tell you life has never been better! I was fortunate to receive free tickets from the Indians #Tribelive to attend the #19 win. And then on a whim, I just didn’t want to miss #21 to break the American League record. And now they have 22? Simply amazing!

There are no perfect words for this. I can only hope they keep going, because a win tonight and tomorrow would be pure gold!

But, the bad news is, I’m barely getting any writing done. So you may ask, is this distraction worth it?


Hands down… YEP

~Amy Marie

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