New Ideas

After the release of two of the three books in my trilogy, more and more new story ideas keep popping into my head. The most promising is an idea that I’ve already been making notes/creating maps/ and world building on. It’s a King Arthur dystopian story that I’m really excited about. But there’s just one problem… I still have to finish book three of the Statera Saga!

I wonder if other authors are able to write two stories at once. I feel like I’m not that skilled. I need to immerse myself into a story in order for it to progress naturally, otherwise I feel like it won’t come out right. Not only that, but I still want to wrap up my first trilogy the right way, and rushing it just won’t do it justice.

So now, I need to just buckle down and work on book three. Then reward myself by working on the dystopian.

And they say writing can be addicting…

~Amy Marie

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