Fictional Valentine – Darcy

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since it’s the day to celebrate love and romance, why not spend a moment giving tribute to our leading male characters? In the case of the Statera Saga, that would be… Darcy!


So obviously inspired by Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, but given an edgy beastly makeover, the male protagonist in my Statera Saga is Mr. Darcy Donovan Hughes. He’s a cursed soul of darkness, but he’s the farthest thing from evil. (Though his temper might make you wonder). Since he’s coming up on his 274th birthday, he’d best be described as an old-soul, with courtly manners, stubborn pride, and conservative views.

During my second book release, I had a contest for fans to pick a celebrity that they pictured when they were reading my books. It was interesting to see the variety of choices. When I was writing Darcy, I didn’t have a celebrity in my head, just a character that I wanted to build. But… I do have to say when my friend Linda suggested Aiden Turner (pictured above) as an accurate representation, that’s probably the closest I’ve seen to what I pictured in my head. Not exact, but pretty darn close!

So on this Valentine’s day, cheers to all the dark, brooding, short-tempered, devilishly handsome, stubborn, pride-filled men out there! And most importantly to my favorite name in fiction (including my own)… Cheers to Darcy!

(And hey, why not cheers to Aiden Turner while were at it?!)

Have a wonderful day!

~Amy Marie


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