Why a novelette?

I recently added a novelette to my book series. What’s the purpose? I wanted to give a little emphasis on a backstory with more than just a typical flashback. Also, I wanted to expand my writing portfolio, and this was a good option for what I’m looking to accomplish.
So what is a novelette? Do you know the difference between the story length options? Here are the general guidelines:
Flash Fiction – under 1000 words
Short story – 1,000 to 7,500
Novelette – 7,500-20,000
Novella – 20,000 – 50,000
Novel – Over 50,000
I  began my adventure into writing by diving right into the first novel of the Statera Saga. But recently, I took a swing at a short story with my metaphorical life match in The Game. And this past week, I released my first novelette, Aurora.
Aurora takes place in 1950’s Paris, which is half a century before the first book in the Statera Saga. This novelette allowed me to build the mystery of the Statera Saga through the eyes of one of the past souls of light. This story is best read in the middle of the saga, and could be placed as a #2.5 (best read after book two and before book three).
I finally figured out how to get Amazon to offer my book at no charge, and so the ebook is now available on all platforms completely FREE! You can download it from Amazon here:
Or you can download it on other platforms through Smashwords here.
If you enjoy this novelette, please let me know and don’t forget to look for the rest of the Statera Saga, books 1 & 2 are now available, and book 3 is coming soon!
~Amy Marie

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