Happy Sunday!

I can’t believe it’s already May! I’m in a daze with my writing and I’ve been caught up in setting the perfect plot for my final book in the Statera Saga. I’m just over 1/3 of the way done now, which is still behind schedule, but I’m extremely happy with what I’ve got.

And as usual, I’m slacking on my blogging skills. I recently entered my two books in some indie writing contests 🤞, and have outlined and created a cover for my next stand alone fantasy novel. It’s a cross between a futuristic Pinnochio x Terminator… should be a good one, I’m really excited about my notes so far!

All kinds of other ideas keep popping into my head! As of right now, I’ve got 4 different journals to keep them all organized. I’m lucky to have a successful day job, but sometimes I wish I had more time to just write!!!

I hope this beautiful weather is finding you all well. May is my favorite month (probably because my birthday is next week!) but it feels like the time when summer really beings and everything starts fresh… like a new, new year. If you share my sentiments, I wish your renewal to be a great start for you! Who knows what this summer can bring us all?


~Amy Marie

2 thoughts on “May-Day!

  1. Happy birth month to you! Hope it’s a productive one. Like a kid, I still get excited at the prospect of school being out for summer, but that actually means I have less time to write, not more, because my kiddos will be around more–but it’s all good. Happy spring, happy writing!

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