Hey hey, it’s my birthday!!!

Last year at this time, I had a huge promotion going for my first book (Reminiscence) and it reached #39 in the Amazon bestsellers list, and #1 in all three of it’s categories. It was the perfect present!!! I can’t believe it’s been a year. Even worse, I haven’t even planned any great promos for my books because I’ve been pre-occupied this year! But I can promise you this: You will not be disappointed with the things I’ve been working on.

I’m toying around with release dates for Book 3, and though I’m still not exactly sure, I’m shooting for December of this year. If things go really well with drafting over the next month or so, maybe even sooner! I get so excited thinking about how this story is playing out in my head, I can’t wait to get it all down on paper (and by that, I mean in my computer lol).

So I just had to stop and say hi, and let you know I’m still here and I’m still working… and to say that 34 isn’t too bad…


Not too bad at all!!! 🙂

~Amy Marie

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