My wonderful webpage counter is informing me that I have 6 months to go from my target release date for Providence. While I have had a severe case of procrastination lately, I still think I might be able to pull it off.

The date I’m looking at is December 29, 2018. The reason for picking it is because I’d like to replace a negative connotation of this date with a positive one. Wrapping up my trilogy would be an absolute dream, and therefore, I think it’s the perfect way to “say goodbye”… and wrap up the Statera Saga!

So I guess this is as official as an announcement as you’re going to get, (until I can confirm that my editor can fit me in this Fall, and work with me even though I’m not finished yet!) Let’s shoot for December 29 🙂

And as I’m finishing this post, I promise I’m getting to work!

Cheers to finishing book three, and my first trilogy!

~Amy Marie

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