Providence Preview

I’ve been very cloak and dagger, and taken a different approach with book three of my Statera Saga. With the first two books, I posted them online to get a feel for reader feedback while I was still developing the story. I received tons of help from my online friends with editing and just positive encouragement in general.

But this time, I’ve kept book three to myself. Granted, I’m not finished yet… but I haven’t even let anyone read any part of the draft, or discussed what will happen, though some of my friends and family have asked me. All I can say is, I’ve had the ending in mind all along, and my strategy on this last book was to sit down and let the story play out after I    set it up in the first two books.

Honestly, so far it’s been a struggle. I’ve even had to go back and erase whole chapters because it just didn’t feel right. But now I think I have the plot right where I want it. So I’ve decided to share a tiny excerpt so you can have a small clue as to where this book will take you. Hopefully after this, you’ll be thirsty for more!

So here is a SMALL preview (the best I can do without any spoilers) from Providence Statera Saga book three. Enjoy!


My pulse is racing so fast, I almost feel dizzy.

Can this be real?

We’re talking about fantasy fiction! Though if there’s one thing Uncle Mike taught me, it’s that fiction often stems from some version of truth.

Rafe’s mouth keeps popping open and closed in shock. I think he’s speechless.

I clear my throat, trying to recover. “That’s… quite the coincidence,” I say.

Mr. Sinclair clasps his hands together with a laugh. “You two look properly gobsmacked! I assure you, it’s a load of codswallop. Michael must have been playing a prank of some sort. There’s of course no such thing as turning metal to gold, or an elixir of life for immortality.”

No… of course not.

But I do know of a gold object that has been known to wound a man and prolong his life for over two hundred and fifty years with a miserable curse.

What if Darcy and the dagger are living proof of part of this legend?

“The French are such romantics, they live for these types of folklore,” Mr. Sinclair continues talking, but I can barely pay attention anymore. Everything is piling up together in my head, and suddenly it’s just too much.


What a tease, right?


~Amy Marie

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