Providence or Irony

So, I’m almost done writing my third book of the Statera Saga!!! The title of the book is Providence. A real piece of history popped up that fit the story perfectly and allowed me to close the final gap in the story line. It’s an ancient Egyptian text… it’s something I’ve never stumbled across in my research in writing the first two books. But the premise of the book is how to fight the evil of chaos that wants to destroy the world. It sounds exactly like the Statera. BUT IT’S REAL…

and I literally just found it…

Is that Providnece or Irony?

If you’re looking for a peek into my story line, you can read about the book mentioned above here:

Have a great weekend!

~Amy Marie

One thought on “Providence or Irony

  1. Amy Marie’s ‘Statera’ series is an excellent romance-adventure. It has a sound background of mythic and metaphysical, touching upon archetypes of Elements, Ideals and Morality. Yet these are servants to the story, never its masters. We want to see Darcy and Nora get together after an over-long breakup. If that restores universal balance, well how nice.
    When written thought reaches sufficient quality of adventure and insight, it will naturally chime with all other writings upon the same holy topics. That is when we lose authors as they stumble into the tombs and mad-houses searching for ancient confirmations of shower-thoughts, for the echoes of their lovers’ whispers. And oft as not, the author never really returns. It’s a mirror maze of scrolls and traps, leaving the poor artist babbling of incunabula and government coverups. I might mention Umberto Eco; I might mention PKD. The greater the vision of the author, the greater the danger.
    It is therefore incumbent upon all Good Men to GRAB HER AS SHE WANDERS OVER-NEAR THE PRECIPICE OF SYNCHONICITY. We forbid you to search further into the writings of the ancients, Amy Marie.
    It’s for your good. More important, its for our good.

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