Another Bookiversary!

Today marks 1 year since I released Quintessence, so to celebrate I thought I’d release my book trailer for book 3, which will be available December 29 of this year.

I’m sad to see my series come to an end, but I’m so excited to finally share the full story of Nora and Darcy. I love how the story has turned out and I hope the readers will love it too!

Sadly, my aunt passed away last week. She was one of my biggest supporters in my family and she was anxiously waiting to read book 3. I wish I could’ve finished sooner for her, but when she was in the hospital last week, my mom asked me to share the ending of the book with her sister for her ears only. My aunt then looked up to me and told me she was dying to hear it… on her death bed! She literally giggled. I literally cried. It was a moment I’ll remember forever, all because I wrote a book.

So… there’s no surprise that book 3 will be dedicated to Aunt Peggy.


Without further ado…

here is the trailer for Providence (Statera Saga book 3)

2 thoughts on “Another Bookiversary!

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss–makes for a bittersweet ending to your series, I’m sure. But it doesn’t take away from your amazing accomplishment. I know when I finished my (1!) manuscript and moved on to a new project, I felt like I’d been through a divorce. We get so tied up in our characters. Congrats on making it so log with your characters, and great book trailer!

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