For those of you who’ve read my first book Reminiscence, you’ll know the story is set in Boston (well, Cambridge really). It all started at the Harvard Divinity School with a decorative window that had this symbol:


Now, I’ve never been to Boston, so you might wonder: How did I find out about this window’s printmark? How did I come up with the idea to weave it into my tale? Well, the answer is simple… Google! In my research for the story (and trust me… it’s amazing the COUNTLESS hours I spent researching a fantasy novel), I stumbled upon a page that was discussing the mysteries of this symbol that was found on one of the windows at Andover Hall. So I dug a little deeper, and found the answer. It was perfect to build on. As it happens, the subplot just sort of fell into my lap, and the mysteries of the Statera were born.

Tomorrow, I’m headed to Boston for the first time in my life. I’m excited for the history, but after writing this story, it’s going to be a much more intimate visit for me. I’m really looking forward to it. I have plans to see the harbor, Fenway Park (because… baseball), maybe a tour of Salem, and of course a visit to Andover Hall at the Harvard Divinity School will be on the agenda. Don’t worry, I won’t get kicked out for sneaking into the basement to look for secret passages. But you will find me taking a selfie in front of that window!

Tonight, I just turned in my draft of the final book in this series. Going to Boston tomorrow is going to be the perfect way to celebrate!

~Amy Marie

One thought on “Boston

  1. stay out of the park at sundown. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t get near anything that could burn you, drown you, strangle you or bury you in clods of elemental earth.
    But have fun; you own Boston.


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