Starting off 2019

This year has really jump started with a couple of twists. My day job as an air traffic controller for the federal government has taken over my attention with vigor due the government shutdown and other stresses, and therefore I haven’t even written one word in this new year. But that’s okay!

Taking time for yourself is a must!

I think a little time off was in order, and now I’ll be ready to dive back in to my newest project in the next few weeks. During my last book release, I held a contest for readers to submit a last name for the main male character in my next book: AVA.

The character’s first name was set to be Mac due to the IT theme of the book, and I challenged my friends/family/readers to come up with a fitting last name. I, of course, expected the funny ones that came in: Mac Encheese, Mac Daddy, Mac Donalds, lots to make me giggle! But I took the serious ones and put them into a drawing.

My finalists were:

Vela, Kistler, and Marzke. And the winner is…


MAC MARZKE! Thanks to some dear friends of my family (and an early beta reader for my books!) Ryan Pence for the submission! It’s part of his family’s history and will now be part of my newest story! I’m so grateful for the chance to use it!

Now… time to get back to writing 🙂

Stay warm friends ❤

~Amy Marie

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