2020 silver lining

I haven’t posted on this blog since December of 2019…

I’m sure it’s not surprising that 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year for me. With nothing of note to write about in a blog, or even any motivation TO write, I’ve been completely unproductive through the few months where I’ve had the most free time of my adult life. That’s an unfortunate circumstance for an author to find themselves in. But I knew there was a serious problem when I couldn’t sit down and even READ a book. I’ve read 2-3 books this whole year…. that’s depressing in itself!

Naturally, I’d tend to blame my lack of reading on writing, and my lack of writing on reading. But what can I blame my lack of both on? You guessed it… 2020!

About half way through the year, I knew I needed to wake up and get motivated. So, I did a little research for my current WIP (set in my hometown in Ohio). But try as I might, I could only get about 4-5 chapters in and… poof! All coherent story lines just came to a halt. Again, I went back to blaming and hating 2020, because, why not?

And then it hit me…

Why not write a book that addresses this madhouse dot in our timeline? With the way things are going, 2020 is defeinitely going to have it’s chapter in the history books. I wanted to find a story there. I played around with a few ideas, but everything seemed to take a serious turn when I delved in too deep. I get depressed enough watching the news, I didn’t want to add to that. So what could I do? A BRUTUS BOOK!

I decided to come up with a funny children’s book. Not only to help me through the pandemic, but to help kids when they inevitably would have to go back to school faced with adult uncertainties that are too daunting to grasp. Personally, I deal with stress by trying to tell jokes. Usually bad ones, but if they make even one person laugh… mission accomplished! I’m silly enough that I’m confident I could make little kids laugh. So, this seemed like the perfect answer to that wicked 2020.

I guess you could call this my silver lining. I was actually able to get a book done in 2020. And I certainly wouldn’t have ever made this book if this year hadn’t turned out the way that it has. But if this little book can help just one kid laugh through the stresses of masks, pandemics, crazy social media, and all the rest of 2020… mission accomplished!

If you know any little ones who might like it, here’s the link to the book:

Brutus Makes a Mask

Here’s to hoping that this year gets better… and to finding your silver lining!

❤ Amy Marie

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