Upcoming Projects!


No Cover image… yet!

This project will be a middle-grade fantasy/horror story with a Goosebumps vibe! It will be set in my hometown of Fremont, Ohio and involve a group of young middle school students who stumble upon some serious ancient foes when the town puts all the local schools under renovation!

I’m currently researching/ drafting this idea, but I’m planning on making it my new priority to release in time for the real-life school renovations in Fremont.





This project has been stalled because I’ve been really caught up in the research into technology, and I want to be sure I do the story justice. This is a YA/ Fantasy high-tech Pinnochio-type story set in a futuristic Detroit in the midst of an Artifical Intelligence revolution.

I currently have about 5 chapters written, but I am thinking I might scrap them for a restart. This is my draft of the story’s blurb as it is for now:

Mac Marzke hates technology. In fact, he wants to destroy it. He comes up with a plan to plant a virus into the heart of the world’s largest technological giant: the STARR company. When he’s caught in the act of releasing his Global Plan to Eradicate Technological Obsession – or GPETO virus – he’s given an ultimatum: go to jail or come work as a programmer for the company, where his skills will be put to good use.

Within the STARR company, Mac is introduced to innovative systems and cutting-edge technology with his chaperone tech wiz, Jim Nee. But Mac still secretly plots to bring down the system from the inside. Until he unknowingly creates Ava. As he begins to help with Ava’s programming, he starts to change his views. He shows Ava the “Real World” by taking her outside the lab with his “no strings attached” program, and he watches in awe as she begins to develop into more than a program.

As Ava becomes self-aware, she discovers secret company files for the R.E.A.L. (Realistic External Avatar Liveware) operating system. Thinking this is her chance to become human, she tells Mac of the program, only to discover it’s a top-secret initiative to build an army. In an ultimate choice between morality and mortality, Ava must decide what she’s really made of, and Mac must decide if he can trust his own technological creation.


The Vestige

This story will be a high fantasy set in a dystopian future. I’m planning the characters around a King Arthur theme and have been doing some epic world-building in my drafting. I even have a rough draft of a map created as part of this future fantasy world. I’m currently planning it to be a stand-alone Fantasy novel, but the idea could carry it over into more than one book… we’ll see! I do have a cover purchased for this one, but I’m going to hold off on sharing it for now, because this story will be years in the making, and I wouldn’t mind saving the cover for a reveal in the future.


That’s it! Those are my projects that are in the works! If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to reach out! Thanks for stopping by 😊

~Amy Marie