Time to tell…

ARGGGHHH!!! So, for the past few years as I’ve been working on my Statera Saga, I’ve only let a very few people in my life know that I was writing a novel. I’ve let even fewer actually read the book(s), ( and forced immediate family to 🙂 ). I’m not one to care what other people think, so I’m not sure why I’ve kept it quiet so long. But I actually enjoyed entrusting the story to strangers (online) and hearing their opinions first. I wanted to be sure the people in my life weren’t blowing smoke you know where ;). I’m definitely a perfectionist so I do like having things in order before I move forward with something. I’ll go ahead and say that’s why!

That brings me to today’s post… Today… I’m telling:


Time to tell ALL my friends! Here we go!




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