The window

It all started with a symbol…


When I was first writing Reminiscence, I had a story in mind, but the plot was hazy. I knew I wanted something more than just a romance, so I started searching for a good fantasy back story. My first mission was to take a virtual tour of Boston. I searched high and low for the perfect setting, and something drew me in to the Harvard Divinity School. I really liked the idea because it allowed me to develop a good moral theme while being open to all possibilities… kind of like the school.

As I delved further into my research, I stumbled across the printers’ marks. Particularly the window above. It was a mystery. Who put it there? What did it mean? After a few weeks of even more research, I found my answers, and a perfect plot for my story unfolded before my very eyes.

I found my story, but even more importantly, my story found it’s way to me.

There really is something magical about that. The Statera Saga has become a part of me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s complete fiction! But it’s also a fantasy. An escape from reality. A reminder that good can overcome evil. And especially a reminder that you never know what you’re capable of… each of us has potential… but it’s all up to us.

Today, I came across this picture. One of my inspirations, and I wanted to share ❤

Have a great weekend!

~Amy Marie

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