Side Project

When I get into writing rut (or in my current case, an editing rut) like other writers, I often waste too much time on the internet. But I did stumble across a cool app that I’ve turned into a side project that I think could be an asset to my books, as well as a nice project to work on when I’m in a rut with book 2.

One of my favorite reads as a kid was the Choose Your Own Adventure novels, in which you could create the path of the story you read based on the decision you choose for the character. Do you remember these novels?

Well there is an app, that has similar stories, where you (as the “reader”) get to choose the character’s actions in the story. Anywhere from wardrobe choice, to preference of attraction in a love triangle. It’s such a neat app, and a perfect distraction. Not just to play, but to create! I’m attempting to publish a story based on my book for the app. I’ve got some chapters up, but it’s not near finished yet.

If you want to check it out, here is the link:

If you’re another writer, you should check it out for your story. The coding is simple after a few tutorials, and it COULD be a neat idea to draw new fans!

Don’t worry though! I’m still working on edits! I’ve got caught up with my current draft, but should have it ready soon!

~Amy Marie


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