The voice in my head that makes me feel guilty about not keeping up with my blog sounds strangely like me mom’s voice whenever she’s chastised me growing up.

But as with most cases of my mother’s chastising, that voice is right! I’ve been quite neglectful. The truth is this new year has kept me busy. But I do have some good news on the writing front.

I’m about to finish my first novelette! It’s of course to do with my Statera Saga series, and although I would recommend reading it between books 2 and 3 (when it’s released), the story’s timeline is actually set before book 1. You’ll see how the timeline flows together and ties in some great backstory while setting the stage for book 3! I’m pretty excited about this novelette.

I’ll have a cover reveal and date of release shortly, and this time I won’t be so neglectful 🙂

In the meantime, Have a great rest of your week!

~Amy Marie

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