A nice facelift

For the website, that is!

I’ve updated my website to include the fact that I am now a children’s book author!

#FreeToEdit #gif #yay #varsityfonts

Over the last 5 years, I’ve released 3 novels (to complete a trilogy), a novelette, and a children’s book. 5 BOOKS! It’s so insane, but it feels great!

While I always loved writing in my journal when I was in 3rd grade (yes, I still have it) and our 3-week story assignments in Mr. Rose’s 7th-grade class, I never would have guessed that this would be possible for me! And now, I have 3 more ideas in the works. I’ve posted more about these upcoming WIPs here. I can’t wait to get working on my next project. This writing stuff is addicting! And while there are some days I drive myself crazy with over-perfectionist OCD, I really have found a healthy outlet to express myself and connect with the world. I’m still terrible at communicating and updating my blog, but hey… nobody’s perfect right???

~Amy Marie

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