Trying something new

It’s been a while…

I’ve hit a roadblock for quite some time now, while working on my newest fantasy novel. This summer has kept me busy at work, and in my free time rendered me useless in the writing department. But I have made progress on another project! And technically, it has to do with writing, though it’s outside my comfort zone of my normal scope or genre.

I’ve written a children’s book.

Yep. A silly rhyming picture book. And I love it! It’s a gift in progress that I plan to present to family members for Christmas, but I actually think it’s up to snuff, so I plan on self publishing it as well. I don’t want to give too much away to spoil the surprise, but I’m really excited about it. I’ve just found an illustrator for the project.

I’ve done a terrible job this year keeping up the writing and blogging and networking, etc. After the completion of the Statera Saga, I think I was burnt out and needed a break from it all. I’m slowly but surely dipping my toes back in, and this children’s book project has been perfect for that.

I feel like now, when I get to my next projects, I’ll be better prepared. I won’t rush it. It will be better researched and developed, not because I’m an expert, but because I did at least learn SOME things from the first few books I’ve written. And stepping back has allowed me to keep my hobby a hobby and not a task needing done.

So cheers to expanding the portfolio, and going back to where my love of reading began!

My upcoming children’s picture book – Brutus the Brave – will be available this winter 2019. More updates to come!

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